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A Brand New Holland Pavilion at CAHE 2017!
Chongqing International Exhibition Center

On 18-20 May 2017, the 15th China Animal Husbandry Exhibition 2017 (CAHE 2017) is about to take place in Qingdao, China. The floor plan is shown below:

During last years 14th CAHE (2014), with the help of Netherlands Embassy and China Animal Agriculture Association (CAAA), the Holland Pavilion sucessfully hosted the business reception. Many Dutch companies shared with the audiences their new products and Dutch Meat and Feed Centre (DMFC) also interacted with the audiences through the activity.

The business reception provided a platform for exchanges between companies. The agricultural counselor from the Embassy, officials from CAAA and managers from leading Chinese and Dutch agricultural enterprises were all freely exchanging their ideas, giving more chances to mutual benefits and progress within the industry.

At CAHE 2016 many exhibitors and clients were deeply impressed by the Holland Pavilion. With this as a driving force, the Holland Pavilion intends to present a brand new image. In the past companies from pig industry and poultry industry were mixed together in exhibitions, but this time, poultry subgroup and pig subgroup will be in different halls separately. This more specific categorisation will cover more area and accommodate more companies for the exhibition.

You may find Holland Poultry Pavilion in Hall N5, B04-05, and Holland Pig Pavilion will be in Hall W2, WC02,E2 and SG01-01,SF01-02.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands covers an area merely two and a half size of Beijing, but it is the second largest agricultural product exporter. The top-notch technology, advanced management ideas, and effective industry regulation all contribute to the top ranking agricultural productivity of the Netherlands, especially its poultry and pig industry. In every year’s CAHE, the Holland Pavilion brings most advance technology and newest research to China. This year, with larger exhibition scale and more participating companies, you certainly will have the best experience ever!

Please do not hesitate to meet us at the Holland Pavilion at CAHE!




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